This page lets you know in which locations the chapter takes place, the new characters introduced, the story arcs that are present and also the brief summary of the chapter.

Locations of Chapter Thirteen Edit

  1. This section lists the different locations the story is set in.
  2. Tyne Valley, Saga, Thule System, Habu 302
  3. Albion Plains, Saga, Thule System, Saber 6
  4. Albion Plains, Saga, Thule System, M-75A3 Keres Bad Medicine

Characters Introduced Edit

This section lists the new characters mentioned / met in the chapter.

  1. Corporal Hobart Hobbs
  2. Sergeant Mitchell Danforth "Doc"
  3. Corporal Kaitlyn Macy "Kait" - Driver
  4. Private First Class Briggs Rocca - Loader - Elec tech
  5. Darcy Reyes

The Story Arc Edit

Golden Sword

Summary of the Chapter Edit

Summary goes here - Bad Medicine