This page lets you know in which locations the chapter takes place, the new characters introduced, the story arcs that are present and also the brief summary of the chapter.

Locations of Chapter Twenty Edit

This section lists the different locations the story is set in.

  1. Virgon, Westfield Estate
  2. Virgon, Westfield, Duchess Iona Chase Memorial Medical Center
  3. Orbit of Virgon, private yacht Ad Astra
  4. Virgon, Boskirk, The Imperial Palace
  5. Beyond the Cyrannus System, Orbit Ripley's Star's unnamed 3rd planet, MS Dixie Bell Dancer
  6. Beyond the Cyrannus System, Orbit Ripley's Star's unnamed 3rd planet, Aether's Spear

Characters Introduced Edit

This section lists the new characters mentioned / met in the chapter.

  1. Her Imperial Highness Searlait II, Empress of Virgon and Defender of the Hibernian Marches - Magnum (Searlait Fawkes-Wallace, Lieutenant Colonial Fleet ret.)
  2. Doc Bertram - Doc on Ad Astra
  3. Captain Tom - Captain of Ad Astra
  4. Lieutenant Sana Chastain - Westfield Guard
  5. Embrey Roselle - "Brey"
  6. Eric - Searlait's husband dec.
  7. Captain Josiah Vassar
  8. Cheryl Lido - Dixie Bell Navigator and communications
  9. Rufus Tello - Dixie Bell Engineer and Maintenance
  10. Flight Captain Minerva Tremblay "Sorceress"
  11. Flight Lieutenant Xander Polos
  12. Hector
  13. Flight Lieutenant Graham Pepper
  14. Leyte

The Story Arc Edit


Summary of the Chapter Edit

Summary goes here

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